Read About Others Experiences Working With Us!

We can’t thank you enough for the wonderful guidance you provided us throughout the whole wedding planning process and the amazing service at our wedding reception! You exceeded our expectations on every level and everyone had nothing but good things to say about your venue, presentation and food. We know we had a great wedding, and you were a big part of it! We plan to come back after our 1 year anniversary to have the same 10 course meal again since Tam and I barely ate any of it at our wedding reception! But hopefully we can visit before then since we often daydream about your food and would love to see you again
— Tam and Vi

We want to thank you for the excellent service you provided to make our wedding such a beautiful one. A number of people said it was the most beautiful wedding they had ever seen. Everyone enjoyed the food and many said it was the best wedding dinner they ever had
— Richard and Nga
Thank you so very much for the beautiful and most delicious meal and birthday cake. “S” is truly our “place” for celebration and we appreciate the kindness and thoughtful and care at “S
— Sally

We can’t thank you enough for such a wonderful reception. The feed back from friends and relatives were exactly what we wanted to hear “by far the best wedding”. The place was nice and the food were EXCELLENT. Please tell your staff they did a great job and thank them for being so kind to all the guests, once again all positive feed back for all staff members
— Dai & Christie

Thank you, my dear lady, for making my friends’ celebration so beautiful. Every detail was perfect and thanks for letting us stay too long as usual. If it was up to me, you and all your creations would be made official “National Treasures”
— Virginia
Thank you so much for all your help in making our wedding day so special. The food was fantastic and you were amazing to work with. We are so grateful to have met you and will definitely use again
— Andy and Dangvy

Thank you so much for hosting another Orion anniversary at your fabulous restaurant! Everyone looks forward to this event
— Your fans

Thanks so much for doing such an amazing job. All of my friends loved the food. They don’t go to vietnamese weddings often so they really enjoyed it. Even my family said very good things as well. Everyone especially loved the duck and the lobster. I didn’t really get to eat the cake but from what i hears, it was light and delicious. We are extremely happy about how things turned out. So glad you were able to cater for us!!!
— Quang and Vi
Some people have a way of coming in with kindness and leaving smiles behind. We knew you were the kind of person that does. Thank you for always being such a great help in the months leading up to our special day. Everything from service, to drinks, food. Atmosphere was top notch. We can’t thank you enough and S staff
— Huyen & Kathleen Dang

We had an awesome time! My husband still cant get out of bed, Now I’m getting ready to plan our Thanksgiving party next... Again, Our guests couldn’t stop raving about how beautiful the party turned out as how delectable the food and desserts too.I only had sup mang cua and cake :(
Thank for packing us the goodies. I’m saving it for dessert tonite! Thank you Co for everything...your staff was wonderful and super attentive
— Linda

On behalf of our friends we would like to thank you for your excellent foods and services on Saturday. The set up was very nice and the ambience was just perfect. Dana was very helpful also. I had asked for you couple times but she said you were too busy in the kitchen. Thanks again we all enjoyed it
— Christine
Thank you so much for the most incredible food and hard work. I just wanted to say that YOU ALL made our party a success. We have friends who have attended all 11 parties and told that this last one had the best food and the most conviviality. Your food always get praised, but this last meal engendered raves. I’m so pleased that you are able to do this with us
— Mary

Thank you so much for such a beautiful set up and much more. You are always giving us so much love and care. Did not have chance to thank you and to catch up with you yesterday
— HB

You and your staff are also a pleasure to work with. You make our job easy. I will pass on the cake incentive to Mark and Sarah, that is great. I hope it brings you lots more business! Stephanie, thank you for your continued support! Thank you so much for helping us out yesterday. You are so great & we love everything you did yesterday. The foods were excellent. The cake was beautiful. The centerpiece was so creative. The place was really terrific and we could see how much work & care you put in. Can’t have a family party without you Chi. Thanks a million again.
Greetings Stephanie, Just sending a note to say how much we enjoyed your presence at our Hotel. Your professionalism and attention to detail are very much appreciated. The food and presentation was outstanding , your staff friendly, aware of their surroundings and know what they are doing.

It was a pleasure working with you too! Vi and Quang and their families were so happy and everyone was raving about the food! Thank you so much to you and your team for an amazing dinner! We definitely have to work together again soon
— Happy Love, Michelle

Hi Stephanie, thank you so much executing such a flawless service. Our guests were in awe of the food and presentation. And oh my goodness, the cake.... Perfection. It was so much more beautiful than the picture. And it tasted amazing
— Yvette

Dear Stephanie… thank you so much for the really amazing work you did for our wedding. Our friends are still raving about the food and everyone compares other weddings to ours now. Thank you a million times again!
— Linh & Mike
Thank you for the delicious food and catering service. Our wedding party went smoothly and beautifully. Thanks for your coordination with other vendors. Keep up your good service. I hope for business will be better and better once people taste your food and enjoy your service.
— John & Nina

Stephanie, I just wanted to personally thank you for your support and participation in the festival this year. Your set up and food was absolutely amazing and I appreciate your help making this year festival a success
— Frances Tang

Dear Stephanie, Thank you so much for the wonderful wedding party. Everything was perfect. I have never been to a party where all of the guests said that all of the dishes were great!
— Haskel & Georgeana
Dear Stephanie…. I was impressed, once again, by the quality and professionalism you bring to everything you do. Thank you, my dear lady, for making my friends’ celebration so beautiful. Every details was perfect. … If is were up to me, you and your creations would be made official “National Treasures”
— Love Virgina Crane